On Saturday July 16th there will be a concert with music by Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Kreisler, Grieg and Saint Saens.


On Saturday July 16th at 9 pm the second musical appointment will be held at Palazzo Cucchiari with Ekaterina Valiulina on the violin and Leonardo Bertelloni on the pianforte as the evening’s protagonists.

For the occasion, there will be music by Schubert (Rondo Brillante for the violin and piano in B minor, D895, op.70), Tchaikovsky (Souvenir d’un lieu cher, op 42), Kreisler (Prelude and Allgero “in Pugnani style”), Grieg (Sonata for violin and piano in C moll n.3 op 45), and Saint Saëns (introduction and rondo-capriccioso op.28).

The concert is free of charge and begins at 9 pm. For information, call 0585/72355.