Musical gastronomy at Palazzo Cucchiari: songs of famous authors in an unusual journey through the most tasty dishes of music


Sunday, July 31st at 21.00 the music of Telemann, Mozart, Rossini, Zöllner, Bernstein, Tchaikovsky and Bach will lead us in a curious and fun path of taste.

Presents: Alberto Batista.

the songs will be played by Silvia Tocchini (soprano), Matthew Baths (tenor), Francesco Facini (bass), Paul Morelli (bass), Gabriel Micheli (harpsichord, piano, tenor), Zhu Yujian (flute), Pine Germans, Andrea Farolfi (Violins) , Anna Gandolfi (purple) , Veronica Lapiccirella (cello) , Francesco Tomei (bass). New Counterpoint directed by Mario Ancillotti.

The concert is free of charge and begins at 9 pm. For information, call 0585/72355.