Second appointment with music at Palazzo Cucchiari. Histoire du soldat by Igor Strawinsky.

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Second appointment with music at Palazzo Cucchiari.

Histoire du soldat by Igor Strawinsky.

OnFriday, July 21 , the second date of the series The Concerts 2017 of Palazzo Cucchiari under the artistic direction of Mario Ancillotti.

On the music stage Histoire du soldat, the chamber opera composed by Igor Stravinsky in 1918, a theatrical interweaving of ballets, chamber music and a story inspired by the Faust myth that expresses the intent to explore new ways of presenting music with juxtapositions with poetry, literature, visual arts, theater and nature.

Musicattore and Director Luigi Maio Nuovo Contrappunto, Conductor Mario Ancillotti for recitalist, violin, double bass, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone and percussion text by Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz (clarinet Marcello Bonacchelli-Bassoon Alessandro Papucci-Trumpet Lucia Luconi-Trombone Andrea Bologna-Violin Pino Tedeschi-Contrabass Francesco Tomei- Percussion Federico Poli).

Mario Ancillotti is one of Italy’s most representative musicians, both in the field of his instrument of choice, the flute , and in his activity as an organizer and conductor. His fame is universally recognized and he has had activities on four continents.

The crowning achievement of his activity as a musician is the creation of the Nuovo Contrappunto ensemble, of which he is director and animator. His projects, characterized by a strong innovative spirit, have been applauded and invited by the most important musical societies in Italy. Two CDs have been released for Amadeus magazine with music by Debussy, Ravel and de Falla as conductor and soloist, and others for various labels.

Luigi Maio is considered the most complete specialist in Chamber (and Symphonic) Musical Theater, a genre that has earned him the Theatre Critics’ Award and the Ettore Petrolini Prize. An author of theatrical musical works now in the repertoire, he collaborates with prestigious orchestras and renowned soloists. He coined for himself the term“Musicattore,” a registered trademark summarizing his multifaceted nature as actor, musician, author and singer. From La Scala in Milan to the Petruzzelli in Bari, from Genoa to Porto, from Milan to London, UNICEF Testimonial and representative of the “Igor Stravinsky Foundation” in Italy (as the top performer of “L’Histoire du Soldat”).

The concert, which will have free admission, will begin at 9 p.m.