The Foundation organizes exhibitions, events and meetings inside the Palazzo.

Exhibition ‘Belle Époque. The Italian Painters of Modern Life From Lega and Fattori to Boldini and De Nittis to Nomellini and Balla’.

20 Jun 2024

Divided into seven sections and an intermezzo, the exhibition follows the traces of the changes in painting after the Unification, […]

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Carrara, two meetings with Federico Giannini on the sidelines of the Novecento exhibition in Carrara

29 Aug 2023

In Carrara, Palazzo Cucchiari, two meetings with Federico Giannini, director of Finestre sull’Arte, will be held on August 31 and […]

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Cucchiari Palace concerts return: Friday, July 28 and Aug. 4, with free admission

17 Jul 2023

The Cucchiari Palace concerts are back. Here is the program of the two events that will have free admission. July […]

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The Twentieth century in Carrara: exhibition-event at Palazzo Cucchiari with more than one hundred and twenty works of sculpture and graphics

12 Jun 2023

Carrara and sculpture. An inseparable pair, almost a synonym, since time immemorial. In Carrara, in fact, the tradition of sculpture […]

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Press Release – “Colors and Forms of Labor” from Signorini and Fattori to Pellizza da Volpedo and Balla

08 Jun 2018

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The website of the exhibition “Colors and Forms of Labor” from June 16 to October 21, 2018 is online

08 Jun 2018

Colors and forms of work: paintings and sculptures by those artists who after the Unification of Italy arranged a new […]

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Giorgio Conti Foundation

The tribute of a man to his city

Giorgio Conti (1928 – 2002) was an entrepreneur who, through his passion, dedication and talent for imagining the future, was able to create a group which is now the world leader in the sector of quarrying and selling of stone blocks.

Giorgio Conti died in 2002 and the following year, wanted by his daughters Franca and Daniela, the Fondazione Giorgio Conti was established. The Foundation was born to continue the ideas of Giorgio Conti, a man who, besides being a passionate and determined businessman, always showed a great sensitivity for social solidarity and the preservation and safeguard of human and artistic values, which will be continued through the initiatives of the Foundation.

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Palazzo Cucchiari

The Palazzo, which takes its name from the family which commissioned its construction, is a building constructed for the housing needs of the new borghese class of the late 1800s.

Upon its completion in 1891 by the engineer Leandro Caselli, younger brother to Crescentino Casello and favorite pupil of Alessandro Antonelli, who then finalized the construction of the property of Mole Antonelliana.

Palazzo Cucchiari distinguishes itself for its simple and clear style which combines the linearity which was so en vogue at the time (and which can be found in many other properties made in Carrara by the Caselli such as Palazzo Binelli, Aurelio Saffi School, Dogali police station, Politeama Verdi, the Marcognano cemetery and Piazza D’Armi.)

Today, after a long and careful restoration, Palazzo Cucchiari houses the Giorgi Conti Foundation. Not only does it serve as a space for exhibitions and concerts, it also serves as a testimony to how important the 19th century was for Carrara and all of Italy.

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