Saturday 9th July, concert with Mozart, Debussy and Reinecke music


Organised by the Fondazione Giorgio Conti, the 2016 concert season for Palazzo Cucchiari starts on Saturday 9th July. The events will start at 9 pm and the admission will be free.

The first appointment will be with Milena Vukotic (reader), Mario Ancillotti (flute) and Alessandro Marangoni (piano), “Parola in Musica” (Words set to music) on the concert stage of Palazzo Cucchiari.

The music by Mozart, Debussy and Reinecke will be played, together with some readings from Mozart’s youth letters to his cousin and father, other ones from the “Undine” tale by La Motte Fouquè, (from which some excerpts will be read), a tale which tells about the nymph and Prince Huldebrand, and the poems by Pierre Louÿs that inspired Debussy for the Six Epigraphs Antiques. The readings and the music will intertwine creating a mixture of words and sounds. The project was born from an idea of Mario Ancilotti, art director of the events.