The restoration


he restoration of Palazzo Cucchiari started in 2011 and ended in June 2015, finally returning to the city of Carrara one of its most important and majestic buildings, a palace of the 1800s now used as an exhibition space.

The long work of consolidation lasted more than three years and oversaw the renovation of the vaults, the vaulted ceilings and floor landings—a monumental task which brought Cucchiari Palace back to its former glory and important jobs that were completed alongside the restoration of the frescoes both on the inside and outer walls of the palazzo.


Both works of consolidation and restoration were carried out in order to meet all the necessary structural requirements needed to safeguard the palazzo’s aesthetic. The work covered all five floors of the building including the basement and its characteristic red bricks which allow us to fully understand the architectural and engineering genius of Leandro Caselli, builder of the Palace.

The recovery of the monumental staircase and the decorations offer us an almost calendoscopico effect, which together with the frescoes present on the “noble ” floor and on the entrance floor, allow us to get an idea of the quality of the restorations of the decorations present in all the rooms.


The partially or totally lost original designs were in fact reconstructed with the “graffiti” technique while the faux marble finishes were recovered by taking away the previous paintjob carried out in 1958. Decorations and floral motifs can be seen in the restored Venetian floors which still feature their original designs and characteristics and reproduced through the use of materials and laying methods compatible with the era in which Palazzo Cucchiari was built.