The music of Palazzo Cucchiari meets Con-vivere Festival on Saturday 10th September


The music of Palazzo Cucchiari meets Con-vivere Festival. On Saturday 10th September, ““Dalla Rivoluzione all’Impero. Francia contro Austria.” (From the Revolution to the Empire. France against Austria) concert will be on the stage of Palazzo Cucchiari from  9.30 pm. The concert is curated by Fondazione Conti and it is included in the Con-vivere Festival 2016 programme.
On the occasion, Giuseppe Bruno’s piano will play the notes by F. J. HAYDN (Variations on “Gott erhalte”), L. V. BEETHOVEN/F. LISZT (Funeral march from the Eroica, Two Lieder from “Egmont” by Goethe: Freudvoll und Leidvoll – Die Trommel gerühret, L. V. BEETHOVEN (Sonata Op. 81/a in E-flat major “Les adieux” (Adagio – Allegro) “L’absence” (Andante espressivo) “Le retour” (Vivacissimamente) and F. LISZT (La Marseillaise).

It is a programme which tells the musical history about the interesting and controversial relationship Beethoven had with the Revolution. Firstly, his enthusiasm for an event which was bringing into the real world those ideas of equality and fight against oppression for any age and continent, something that Enlightenment people supported and that Beethoven felt as his as entitling “Bona-parte” his Symphony No. 3 (1804); Then, his disappointment for the imperial evolution of Napoleon, which led to the change of the frontispiece into “Sinfonia Eroica”; Later (1809), the French occupation of Vienna was the finishing blow to any illusion the composer may still harbour.

The concert, organised by the Fondazione Giorgio Conti, is admission free.