ExclusIVe Saxophone Quartet on stage at Palazzo Cucchiari


Friday, 26 August at 21.00 appointment with the music at Palazzo Cucchiari with the ExclusIVe Saxophone Quartet featuring Valentina Renesto (Soprano Sax), Olga Costa (Alto Sax), Francesca Simonelli (Tenor Sax) and Stefano Angeloni (Baritone Sax).

They will perform music from A. Piazzolla (From “Histoire du Tango”: Bordel 1900), E. DINELLI (Saxofour Quiet but not too much, trotting, with fun bike), JS BACH (Little Fugue in G minor), F . GENNAI (Re.Ci.T.ango), R. SCARCELLA PERINO (Tennis Quartet), A. Piazzolla (from ” Histoire du Tango ” : Cafè 1930), C. FERRARI (Quatuor Modalis (First Run), E. DRAFT (Andante et Scherzo), K. WEILL Music from Threepenny Opera (Overture, Tango, Polly ‘s Song, The Ballad of the good life, Chorale).

The concert, organized by Giorgio Conti Foundation, has free admission.