Luca Pignatelli – Exhibition by Massimo Bertozzi and Antonio Natali, from 22 april to 18 june 2017


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The Fondazione Giorgio Conti inaugurates the new exhibition season with an exhibition of Luca Pigantelli’s work curated by Massimo Bertozzi and Antonio Natali, from 22nd April to 18th June (vernissage on Friday 21st April at 6 PM).

Luca Pignatelli (Milan 1962), represents one of the most famous and appreciated Italian artists in the international scene, stands out for his original research rich of reflections and critic cues on the theme of memory.  Carrara’s exhibition has arrived after his latest ones in two emblematic places of the Italian Art such as the Uffizi Gallery and the Museo Capodimonte of Naples. The halls of Palazzo Cucchiari will host 30 pieces by the artist, among them some great paintings and an important unreleased series of galvanised slabs with tar inserts worked with naked flames. Usually Pignatelli works on anomalous supports but which are already pictorial (hemp tarps, planks and plates, assembled papers) and which the artist always reworks changing completely their original appearance and meaning; surfaces on which he overlaps the repertoire of his images, sort of personal catalogue in which there are mechanical means, ships, planes, metropolitan landscapes, but also reminiscences of the old through the remaining of statues, objects and abandoned cities. Starting point is the personal conception of history and time that Pignatelli expresses through iconographic short circuits, in which ancient and modern talk in a timeless perspective of great contemporaneity.

We are honoured and happy to open the exhibition season with Luca Pignatelli – explains Franca Conti, the president of the Fondazione Giorgio Conti – for those who do not know him yet, it will be the opportunity to be amazed and astounded of the results of an artistic path which has been conversing with tradition for years, having memory and history face the sensations of present, to put the hands of the figurative expression of our time to their correct position”. The exhibition of Luca Pignatelli is organised by the Fondazione Giorgio Conti with the patronage of RED Graniti Group.

The catalogue is published by Maschietto Editore, Florence, texts by Massimo Bertozzi and Antonio Natali.

The exhibition will open at Palazzo Cucchiari, via Cucchiari 1 Carrara (MS), from 22nd April to 18th June 2017 from Tuesday to Sunday, from 3 PM to 7 PM. Starting from 26th May, the opening hours will undergo the following variation: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday between 3 PM and 7 PM, Friday and Saturday between 3 PM and 10 PM. Ticket is on sale for 5 Euro, reduced ticket 4 Euro (for up to 18 years old and over 65 years old visitors and for Touring associates).